About Us

The Baltimore American Indian Center (BAIC) Heritage Museum has been a cornerstone in preserving and promoting the rich heritage of Native American communities in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region since its inception in 1968.

Serving as a cultural and social hub, the BAIC has played a pivotal role in bringing together Native American families and individuals through various programs, such as the Baltimore American Indian Center Culture Program, the annual Powwow, and the Native American After School Arts Program.
The museum’s mission is to introduce and educate both Native and non-Native people about the experiences, cultures, and histories of the original inhabitants of the area. A key focus is the story of the North Carolina Lumbees, who established the Indian center and are the largest Native American community in Maryland.
The museum, through its exhibitions, programming, events, and culturally appropriate merchandise, aims to expand knowledge about the rich, living cultures of these communities and their efforts to maintain their cultures.
The Baltimore American Indian Center Heritage Museum supports the ongoing efforts of BAIC and other Native organizations in serving and advocating for Native Americans. It represents not just a repository of history but an active participant in the community, committed to the continued service of Native American interests and heritage. The museum invites participation and contributions to its cause, emphasizing its role as a non-profit organization.
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