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Our museum has been a long time coming and would not have been possible without a major effort by the BAIC board, members and supporters of the BAIC. In addition, the generous financial support of the Maryland State Legislature, the Weinberg Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Southeast Community Organization and the Office of Community Services in Washington, DC made the museum possible.
There is a song that begins "When Columbus discovered America, somebody was already here". From that time forward, the people already here, the native peoples of North, Central and South America, have been essentially invisible. Our history, culture, experiences, accomplishments and wisdom have been either ignored or distorted. Thankfully, in recent decades, that has started to change. The creation of the National Museum of the American Indian in the nation's capital and a number of state and tribal Museums are a reflection of that change. The Baltimore American Indian Center is proud to add our new Museum to that number.
We welcome all who come with curiosity, pride, imagination and best wishes. We hope you will leave some good spirit upon departing. Thank you for attending and we hope to see you all again as the Baltimore American Indian Center Museum evolves.
Some photos courtesy of George Hagegeorge
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